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Dizayn Medical; It is a health company with a deep-rooted history that has been providing services in many fields from the health sector to the medical sector since 2003. By making new breakthroughs in the sector, it has strengthened its production area with technical textile details as of 2020. As of today, it continues to produce for a more livable world heritage for future generations by establishing an environmentally friendly integrated production facility. will. We produce with our own innovative products in our production facility with a closed area of ​​1200 m2 with our well-equipped team members who have worked for many years in the field, especially corpse bags, stretcher covers, patient gowns, disposable sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, liquid-proof mattresses and disposable textile products. We offer solutions according to the needs of the usage areas

domestic and abroad
technical textile production point.

Textiles are designed to meet the needs of the end users in accordance with international quality standards suitable for textile applications, ready for transfer in our facilities